Welcome to the Fraternal Order of Eagles Web site
The Fraternal Order of Eagles uphold
and nourish the values of home,
family and community that are so
necessary and it seems so often get
ignored and trampled in today's
The Eagles are hometown builders.   We support
our police, firefighters, and others who protect
and serve. We fund medical research in areas
such as spinal cord injuries, kidney disease,
diabetes and Alzheimer's.   We help raise money
for our communities...we are the Eagles and we
are "People Helping People."
We are located at
175 Front St N.
Issaquah, Wa 98027
Fri-Sat: 11am-1am ∙
Sun: 11am-9pm
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Issaquah #3054
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We are a non-profit organization that raises
funding for charities.  Our location downtown
Issaquah on Front street, makes our club a fun
place to be in the evenings.  

You are invited to come see our club to find out
more about what we have to offer.

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