This Week At The Club

Thurs. August 17: Taco Thursday & Joker Poker
Tacos: 2 for $3 or Taco Salad: $5 5:30-7:30pm
JOKER POKER 7pm sharp ($4800+!)

Fri. August 25: Seahawks Auction & Dinner 5pm
Silent auction featuring cool Seahawk stuff – including signed items!
Spaghetti dinner
See flyer here.
Open to members and their invited/signed-in guests


Sun. August 27: Texas Hold ’em Poker  1pm
Open to members and their invited/signed-in guests

NOTE: Please note that the August 26th Yard Sale has been cancelled. Look for the bigger, better, fabulous sale next summer!

The Auxiliary is seeking a new Conductor.  If you are able to fill this vacancy for the club, or would like more information, please contact Donna Dunning or email here.

NOTE: Steak night will return in September.

NEW! HIGH ROLLER Shake-A-Day!  $1 Roll per day
In addition to the daily 25¢ Shake-A-Shift
Must be an FOE #3054 member to participate.

Remember to send your Club news, notes, events, flyers and info to:
or send a message here.  

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2017 Installation of Officers (with Photos)

Congratulations & Welcome to our 2017/18 Officers & Trustees

Thank you to all of our new & returning Officers, Trustees, Chairs and Volunteers for your service & support today and in the coming year!

Thank you also to all those that assisted with Installation, including co-chairs Punk Campbell and Phyllis Laughlin, chef Lauren Chase, all those who donated dishes and to Rob Gilde for photography.

The gallery of photos can be viewed (and downloaded) here.

In case you did not pick one up, here is a PDF of the Installation Program.

Also, galleries from previous installations are always available here.

The list of current club officers is here.

Sign up and help us produce Eagles Haunted House!

Go directly to the new Haunted House volunteer signup page.

In case you have not heard, the Issaquah Eagles is going to become a haunted house this Halloween, and hopefully be the major club fundraiser for 2017 and years to come.  Read more about the why and what here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the kick-off dinner last Friday.  It was a big success.  The turnout and enthusiasm show that the Eagles Haunted House is going to be totally killer!

Please, please go to the signup page, even if you don’t know if or how you can help. By signing up, you are showing your support for the project.  At the same time, you can join a new mailing list for coordinating Haunted House plans and preparations, and make comments and suggestions.

Membership in the Eagles is not required to get involved.  We plan to reach out to, and involve the community as much as possible.


Haunted House Planning Dinner & Our Club

A special message from Trustee Dave Rogers

If you’re not aware,  our Issaquah Eagles Club is struggling to pay its bills. We’ve had some tough times the last couple of years repairing, remodeling or replacing everything from a commercial refrigerator in the kitchen, the men’s bathroom, the south wall, a new ice machine, a new roof top AC unit, and also to keep up on our tax bill. I’m very proud to say we have overcome these challenges. The annual property tax burden continues to rise, along with labor and liquor cost. I would like to propose a function that I believe would pull us out of our financial hole, create new memberships, and continue to do so for many years to come.  Our Club membership is very healthy but our activity is very low. I’m calling out all Fraternal Order of Issaquah Eagles 3054 members to volunteer and help our Aerie put on a huge function, maybe the biggest one ever!   

Our member Corrie Beckvold came to me with a great Idea that got my mind working. This huge function will last for 6 days and help carry us for several years and many to come. My proposal is to have our first annual Halloween Haunted House, starting this coming October.  The haunted house will run for 6 days in a row up to and on Halloween. We need to have at least 75 volunteers to make this happen, a lot of people each doing a little bit. There is currently no haunted house in downtown Issaquah – the closest being on the plateau – so we have a great opportunity to create a scary haunted house that could be over the top and our building, over a hundred years old, has many scary areas.

April 1st it’s a Saturday. Lets have a party!  A pre-Halloween haunted house function to plan! I’ll cook up lasagna, my mom’s Caesar salad and some good bread for 12 bucks.  Remember…it is April 1st (APRIL FOOLS DAY) so lets have some fun! If you dress in only black and orange you will get a $2 discount off your dinner.

We’ll have a brain storming meeting and a volunteer sign-up plus “live karaoke” presented by Holly Rox, a future new member.  We need to build a minimum committee of volunteers 75 people or more that will commit to this function so we will have a  list of assignments for each position — from cashier to hall monitor and many scary people that dress up instructing people where to go, where to park, where to eat — all at a volunteer level. Very fun!

Please, I’m calling out to all my Eagles brothers and sisters of 3054 to help make this function a success! This is a turning point in our club.  When you come to the April 1st Pre-function Halloween party,  bring a friend,  bring somebody that’s never been to the Issaquah Eagles, get them excited, tell them the benefits!  Eagles are great!  We need to put the word out.

The Party! Cocktails at 5pm, dinner at 6pm,  the meeting will follow dinner,  then karaoke will start after our meeting. If you love your club and want to help keep us going strong for many years, please volunteer. The benefits of doing a haunted house at the Issaquah Eagles could be over whelming,  we can charge $10 per person to come through our haunted house, it’s a very festive time of year,  we make it exciting, fun and scary,  we will get people from everywhere and with that we will get free advertising from social media, radio stations etc. And…word of mouth people.  Please tell your friends. This is not an April Fool’s joke, this is a real pre-function Halloween Party! We have six months after our April fool’s party to put this together. We will have monthly dinner meetings to go over the progress.

We need people to help build the scary stuff,  volunteers to help promote, make signs, advertise, we need people to cook food, serve liquor, run tables, a meet and great to sign up for new membership at the end of the haunted house. The Issaquah Eagles is about people helping people and right now we need to help each other. The Auxiliary and Aerie working together are unstoppable.  If we want to help keep 3054 alive,  please put April 1st on your calendar.

David Rogers